Welcome to Feather & Seed and the Powerful Connection Between Sense of Smell, Mood and Emotions

Essential oil blends have the power to promote emotional and spiritual wellbeing by combining harmonious and functional aromas. At Feather & Seed, all of our blends are expertly formulated to provide the support you need on your healing journey. We believe in the deep connection between our sense of smell, mood, and emotions, and our blends are designed to harness that connection to promote a greater sense of peace and balance. Choose from our wide range of blends, each tailored to support a specific emotional state, and experience the healing power of essential oils today.


*Aromatherapist Owned & Operated

*All Natural & Safe Ingredients

*Cruelty Free & Vegan Friendly

*Australian Owned & Operated

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*Certified Organic & Certified Pure Oils

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