*NEW Aromatherapy Gun Black Ball Necklace on Waxed Leather with Lava


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Wear your essential oils with this gorgeous filigree ball necklace with waxed leather, containing a lava stone to absorb the scent. The lava ball is porous allowing the scent to linger all day with just a few drops of your favourite essential oil. You can change your scent and mood whenever and wherever you like. 

Once the aroma has diffused out over a day you can simply add a different scent the following day if you choose. It is the perfect way to wear essential oils therapeutically for some calm and relaxation, or energy boost depending what you need. 

Lava stone requires no care or cleaning and will last forever. It is a natural stone sourced from active volcanic lava. 

Material: Eco friendly brass with gun black plating

Measures: 16mm diameter

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