Pure Essential Oil Synergy Blends

Essential Oils are dynamic remedies because they are synergistic, meaning that they work together in harmony. Essential Oils work better when mixed together with other Essential Oils. When blended a certain effect, eg: calming, uplifting etc are all enhanced with the most suited Essential Oils.

Our oils are sourced from the highest grade possible and pure form, using traditional alchemy and nature's gifts to create blends to change your mood. Each blend contains 320 drops of pure oil, no fillers, no synthetics, just 100% essential oil. Where possible certified organic oils are used. Our oils are Genuine & Authentic with each blend listing botanical names. 

With 14 blends to choose from you will find any mood you are longing for. Relax, Calm, Uplift, Comfort, Happy & Contentment to name a few. Just a few drops in your oil burner, diffuser, bath or on a tissue is all you need to experience the divine scents & therapeutic benefits. 

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