Essential Oils for Sleep & Insomnia

Lack of sleep has many detrimental health issues on the body and mind. Research has proven lack of sleep encourages weight gain, lethargy, depression & anxiety and learning difficulties. Therefore ensuring you have enough sleep is vital to your well being. Our sleep oils will assist in getting you to sleep, and keeping you there. Particularly useful is a oil diffuser in the bedroom. Ideally on for 2 hours prior to sleep and then another 4 hours whilst asleep. If a diffuser is not an option then mist your room and pillow before going to bed with our Drift & Dream mist, or place a few drops of Sleep essential oil onto a cotton pad next to your pillow. Prior to sleep stay away from computers, phones and other stimulating devices. Try to have a quiet hour prior to bedtime to allow your body and mind to start to unwind.

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