Magnesium Spray with Aloe Vera

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Our Magnesium sprays deliver the highest concentration of Magnesium Chloride you can find on the market (min 47%), sourced from one of the world’s oldest and purest natural deposits deep underground. The Caim & Able range of Magnesium Oil actually originates from the ancient, deep mineral deposits of the Dead Sea and is of extemely high quality. devoid of any contamination

  • Do you get those painful cramps in your calves?
  • Is anxiety getting the better of you?
  • Does your sleep cycle leave you feeling exhausted?
  • Are you looking for a natural and effective solution to pain relief?  votedthe number one product in Australia

If you answer yes to any of these, It is very likely your magnesium levels are low - yet we have exactly what you need, its safe, fast and super convenient and easy to use.

Other benefits include; 

      • Improves sleep quality
      • Prevents muscle cramps
      • Reducing muscles aches and pains
      • Relieves stress and tension
      • Improves performance
      • Increasing energy levels
      • Helps proper muscle function


Magnesium Oil, Aloe Vera for Less Itch 


Apply to arms and legs, rub well onto skin. Wipe off after 20mins. 


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