Recover Face Oil for dull, tired skin

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The ultimate moisture-recovery oil for dull, tired skin. Lightweight for easy absorption and enriched with the moisturising power of Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil and Grape Seed Oil.

Key Benefits

- Hydrates and Nourishes the skin
- Boosts skins natural radiance, leaving a dewy glow
- Packed with anti-oxidants to help reduce scarring
- 100% Natural Ingredients
- 80% Superfoods
- 21% Organic

Superfood Heroes

Evening Primrose - anti-inflammatory
Coconut Oil- deeply hydrates skin
Acai Berry - brightens the skin
Moringa - stimulates new cell growth
Avocado Oil- moisturises and smooths the skin
Carrot Oil - vitamin A
Lime Oil - cleanses the skin
Grapeseed Oil - reduces hyperpigmentation
Camellia Seed Oil - reduces fine lines and wrinkles

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