Pure Essential Oil Room & Body Mists

Essential Oils are dynamic remedies because they are synergistic, meaning that they work together in harmony. Essential Oils work better when mixed together with other Essential Oils. When blended a certain effect, eg: calming, uplifting etc are all enhanced with the most suited Essential Oils.

14 beautiful synergy blends for home & body. Create your mood wherever and whenever you choose. 

AT HOME: Mist your rooms, bed linen, carpets & rugs to infuse with scent. 

FACE & BODY: Close your eyes and mist above your head, as the scent rains down inhale deeply. A wonderful replacement for perfume and body sprays with our chemical free mists and divine scents. 

OUT & ABOUT: Mist your work area for calm and contentment, or some uplifting when the 3pm slump hits. Keep a bottle in your car for stress free driving. 

Our mists are completely safe to use around children & pets. 

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