Botanical Natural Lip Balm with coconut oil


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Our lip balms are made with all natural ingredients without use of artificial flavors and chemical free ingredients to hydrate & moisturise and shine your lips.

An all natural blend of rich,calming,shea butter and organic coconut oils with sweet almond oil,australian raw honey to protect and soothe the lips or any other area.

Each individual balm hand poured and crafted.
It comes in a cute 15g glass jar with bamboo lid.

Ingredients: Uncented [ Shea butter,Organic coconut oil,Sweet almond oil,Beeswax,Australian raw honey]
Cented [ Shea butter,Organic coconut oil,Sweet almond oil,Beeswax,Frankincense,sweet orange pure essential oil]

Directions:Apply liberally on lips when it feels dry and chapped.
Reapply as needed.

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