Jade & Rose Quartz face roller with Gua Sha


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Jade & Rose Quartz facial rollers have been around for centuries; there's evidence of them as far back as seventh-century China, where the stone was believed to have healing and protective properties. Like most beauty strategies that stand the test of time, the art is in a jade roller's simplicity. The mechanism is downright basic: It features an oblong stone of pure jade, usually an inch to an inch and a half long, that's attached to a handle with a metal frame, like a paint roller. Many versions are dual-ended, featuring a smaller stone on the opposite end for use on smaller areas, like around the eyes. And yes, the massage factor is key.

Gua sha relaxes tension in facial muscles which can cause lines. It’s kind of like exercise for your face — with regular use, gua sha can tone skin and promote increased skin elasticity.

If you're wondering, wait, is this the same as jade rolling? I get where you're coming from, but hang on: While similar principles apply with the roller and the gua sha tool in theory, they aren’t quite the same in practice. Jade rolling is a process that takes advantage of the actual contact between the stone and the skin. In gua sha, the treatment is not as much about the material used, but rather the scraping technique itself.

Translation: By dragging the crystal along your face in broad even strokes from the neck up, you’ll see a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and notice a temporarily more firm complexion. Think smoother, brighter, and younger-looking skin almost instantly — it maybe it takes five minutes to treat your whole face — without leaving home.

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