Lava Stone Bracelet with Tiger Eye

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Tigers Eye is a stone that’s all about assisting one to create courage and strength in themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

PHYSICALLY: As a powerful grounding stone, Tigers Eye is said to help create physical strength and courage by allowing you to feel a deep and powerful connection to the earth. By getting in touch with this powerful and often lost connection, one starts to realise their full power/potential and begins to move through life with a strengthened sense of self and their place in this world. Many are drawn to Tigers Eye when this connection has been lost.

MENTALLY:  This stone helps you to make decisions with discernment and understanding unclouded by your emotions.

EMOTIONALLY: Who doesn’t need a little help in feeling strong emotionally?!

SPIRITUALLY: As it is a wonderful grounding stone, it is said to help strengthen your spirituality by connecting you deeper to mother earth especially in times of much needed healing. Lava Stone aids Tigers Eye by adding in assistance in a “rebirthing” period that may follow after tapping back into ones true sense of strength.

Length: 19cm

Gift Boxed with Information Card 

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