Inspiration is the essence of my approach to business – and something I hope my products help customers experience too. My personal journey into Aromatherapy began in 2001, with a Diploma at Nature Care college.
Sometimes, things just fall into place. I was exploring ways to make my life more meaningful and my discovery of Buddhism and passion for the healing benefits of essential oils combined, this was the driving force behind the launch of The Buddha Bar Healing Clinic in 2004.

The definition of success is such a personal thing. My business grew to a customer base of 15 thousand people, with a team of 22 therapists. The growth saw my role shift sideways into management and that evolution led to my longing to return to my original intention – to have a genuinely personal impact on the health and well-being of others.

Time allows space for new ideas and passions to bloom and my 6 month break was the breath I needed for the birth of Feather & Seed. Not only do I love making exquisite products for my own customers, I also offer a private label service for you to add your own brand. 

Words that represent lightness, potential and growth offer the perfect business name and with a vision to ‘create beautiful blends and body products that are exquisite in scent and auspicious to the mind & body. 

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